Into The Wild Materialism In Society

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Materialism: An Obstacle in Society Materialism is a poison to society that prevents people from doing what is necessary for them. The novel, “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer demonstrates this. The novel is centered on Chris McCandless. He was on his way to graduate from a well-known university. He decides to leave, donating his money and burning the rest. He went into the wilderness, living off the land. He demonstrates materialism by taking only what was on his back. Materialism is a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. The average person requires possession of physical objects in order to be content. Chris shows through his actions that having physical comfort is not needed to acquire satisfaction. In “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, Krakauer demonstrates how the protagonist, Chris, contrary to the materialism of society—Chris rejects all to find true happiness. Chris’s rejection of materialism is shown through Walt, Chris’s father, when he described Chris’s choice of abandoning his yellow Datsun. Chris was in…show more content…
There are certain items in life that are necessary. One needs a home for shelter, a car for transportation, money to buy resources, and a variety of other things. Many people need these things for their happiness. Furthermore, Chris required some items for his travels as well. Although it is true certain items are needed for tasks, true happiness can be obtained with physical comfort. Chris needs items for survival, which would make it possible to pursue his dream. Society made people need these items even when they were unnecessary, which leads to insecurities, depression, anxiety, and other issues. Society today created trends that people became used to needing items; however, Chris never required these items which prove that materialism does not lead to full
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