Into The Wild Movie Analysis Essay

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Movie Analysis

There are many connections, in many different aspects relating The Perks Of Being A Wallflower to Into The Wild. Both of these, though only one being a true story will really make an impact on the reader or watcher I think. Both Charlie, and Alex in Into The Wild went through life with struggles, including abuse though being in different ways. Their rough childhoods I think are what led them to be extraordinary people, who even in dark situations made the most of life, and handled things in their own ways. They both saw the realness, the dirt, the hate, and the pain of the world, and they both wanted to escape society as it was and uncover happiness and the realness of life, and the good that they knew was hiding somewhere being found in the friends they made along the way. As Alex said in his travels in Into The Wild, he was in a ”Climatic battle to kill the false
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Alexander and Charlie didn’t deal with the same kind of abuse, but were both definitely affected by the abuse they faced and each chose their own way to cope with the anger, and hurt they felt inside. You could compare their lives when observing the things that were shown happening to them. In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Charlie had issues, and revealed at the end, you learn that his Aunt Helen had actually been sexually abusing Charlie for years up until her death. In Into The Wild Alexander had his own share of abuse and experience in a broken home as well. His father was abusive to his mother, and his parents had serious problems in which they would take out on each other verbally and physically in front of their children, and sometimes on the children. This kind of childhood caused each of them to have their own problems to work out as well, and as they grew older they started to find their own ways to escape their painful lives physically and
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