Into The Wild Summary

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The overall plot of Into the Wild starts with Christopher Johnson McCandless graduates from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia Gallien is certain that Alex is not prepared for life in the Alaskan outdoors. Gallien even offers to buy him some decent gear, but Alex denies. Gallien insists that Alex takes his boots and his lunch for the day. Gallien gives Alex his phone number so that Alex can call him if makes it out alive. McCandless meets Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob, both hippies on the road. McCandless meets up with Jan and Bob a few times and keeps in touch with them through postcards. Ronald Frantz gives “Alex” a ride to his camp at Oh My God Hot Springs. Frantz had lost his wife and only son forty years earlier in a car accident.…show more content…
Frantz took his advice and occupied Alex’s old campsite. Gene Rosellini was referred to by Alaska locals as the Mayor of Hippie Cove. Rosellini’s goal was to see “if it was possible to be independent of modern technology.” Rosellini concluded that his attempt to live off the land was a failure after thirty years and then committed suicide. Another adventurer Krakauer considers is John Mallon Waterman. Waterman was raised in the same Washington D.C. metro area as McCandless. As a child Waterman’s father took him climbing often. He was very talented and developed a reputation for his skill. Waterman was described by his peer as a strange character. Although John had an important success as a climber, he began to separate mentally. After spending some time in a psychiatric facility, Waterman completed what literally turned out to be a suicide mission climbing mountain Denali with less gear. Gaylord Stuckey meets McCandless along the a on May 12, 1990. He then tells his parents ' that he is going to spend the summer traveling in his used yellow Datsun car. In June 1990 he then mails his final college transcript and a short note to his parents home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. McCandless 's family will never hear from him
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