Into The Wild Vs Movie Essay

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Into The Wild Film vs. Book Over the past few decades, there has been many book that have made it into the film industry. Most of the time the movies are exact illustrations of what the book writers wanted to portray, but sometimes movies start a love or hate relationship with critics because of a slight change to story lines, characters, and/or roles played. Sometimes this is done to gain the interest of watchers and add more excitement, or even to help better understand the story. This paper is to compare and contrast the book and film versions of Into the Wild. Into the Wild, was published by John Krakauer and made into a film by Sean Penn. It is a true story of a man named Christopher McCandless that was unsatisfied and annoyed with the selfish ways of society. This dissatisfaction caused him to abandon his Datsun, life savings, and family for a life of being on the move and in the wilderness. John Krakauer wrote the book Into The Wild back in 1996. Krakauer first wrote about Christopher McCandless‘s life back in 1993. Krakauer had an article in the January edition of Outside;s magazine called “Death of an Innocent: How Christopher McCandless lost his way.” In this magazine he had a 9 page section describing…show more content…
John Krakauer provided the readers with a great amount of understanding about McCandless’s life before his journey began. He shares McCandless’s family life, childhood, skills & talents, and personality. Penn’s film didn’t show as much information about Mccandles’s personality as the book did. Even though Krakauer was telling McCandless’s life by what he wrote his journals and the information giving by those that most knew him, Krakauer still managed to do a good job putting everything together into one
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