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In the play Into the Woods written by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim, Little Red sings the song “I Know Things Now.” I chose the song “I Know Things Now” because I can relate to the lyrics. Most of the songs in Into the Woods have a theme to them and the song, “I Know Things Now,” definitely has a theme of maturity. Little Red does not listen to her mother when she does not stick to her path to her grandmother’s house. After she strays from the path, she ends up learning to listen to her mother more, and she also learns about many other important life lessons. We can learn from Little Red’s lessons that we cannot follow our temptations and find our way out of our troubles.
In the beginning of the song, Little Red is saying how she should
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Another lyric is “So we wait in the dark until someone sets us free, and we’re brought into the light, and we’re back at the start (Lapine/Sondheim 35).” After we make a mistake or go through something bad, we are always going to get through it. Most of the time someone will help us through the tough times. We are back at the start of our lives and will get to start over. We can change something in our lives to make our lives better. Finally, the last quote is “Do not put your faith in a cape and a hood—they will not protect you the way that they should—and take extra care with strangers, even flowers have their dangers. And though scary is exciting, nice is different than good (Lapine/Sondheim 35).” In the beginning of this quote Little Red says not to put your faith in a cape. An example of a cape for us is our parents or other significant people in our life. We cannot always rely on people to shield from and hide behind when things get tough. Towards the end of the lyric, Little Red is talking about how the wolf seemed nice, but he was not good. We cannot always trust what people say; we need to follow our conscience. Not everyone is going to be a good influence on me and if I trust everyone things will not go as planned. If Little Red would have thought more before she trusted the wolf none of this would have

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