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Zhichen Zhang Professor Dustin Shaffer Communication 105 14 January 2018 Stephen Sondheim: Into the Woods Into the Woods is a well-known musical which debuted at the Old Globe Theater in 1986. The musical is written by Stephen Sondheim and he is an American composer who has made great contribution to musical theater more than a half-century. James Lapine is the book author and he plays a necessary role to this incredible musical. I watched the musical which brought me enter a brand-new field – musical. Into the Woods was first launched at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego. The musical is a story about a childless baker and his wife begin a family and there is a witch place a curse on them. The musical described their interaction about…show more content…
Moreover, the musical had revival in 2002 and 2010. The musical became one of the most famous musical, which is a milestone work in 20th century Into the Woods was separate into two parts, which are Act I and Act II. The Act I introduced four characters. The first one is the daughter of a wealthy gentleman whose name is Cinderella. She has been reduced by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters into becoming their skivvy. She wishes to attend the King’s festival. A baker and his wife wish they could have a child. The last one character’s name is Jack. He wishes that his cow, Milky White, would give milk. The old witch lives neighbor of The Baker’s. She caught the Baker’s father in her garden stealing vegetables, which includes six ‘magic’ beans. She placed a curse on their family to prevent them from having a child. She told the Baker and his wife a way to lift the curse that find the four ingredients for a potion; “The cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold.” The Baker and his wife should find these ingredients before the chime of midnight in three days’ time. All…show more content…
First of all, Stephen created a complete and interesting story. He reverts the whole story from the book, and gave every character with a vivid image. Audiences are able to feel the difference of audience’s personality and understand what is the story talking about. I guess he invited several outstanding music producers to write songs for ‘In To The Woods’. For example, there is a scene that The With tells The Baker about the curse she placed, and the way to lift the curse. The music of that scene is a high pitch and rapid rhythm that brings audiences horrified and worried feelings. Also, when the Prince found his real love, Cinderella, the music is peaceful and harmonious. Audiences can feel the happiness that shared from the lovely couple. I believe there are various elements to form an excellent musical, such as story, music, actors, and so

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