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improved the community. They improved multiple things including better energy sources, schools, and medical fields. The Sherpas changed their lives to help others but it also ended up helping them too. Mt. Everest measures to be 29,029 feet high. With this type of altitude comes extreme dangers. Being so high up can cause there to not be enough oxygen for your body and can kill your brain cells. Preparation for climbing takes several months. You can not just immediately climb Everest, you have to progress by climbing smaller mountains and then working your way up. When a person thinks they are ready to climb Mt. Everest I think that the guides at base camp should decide whether or not they are ready to attempt such a big mountain using some kind of physical test. Personally, I would never want to attempt to climb Everest. It is way too high for me and there are too many dangers that go along with it. I would possibly attempt to climb a smaller mountain where it is not as cold as Nepal, but even so that is unlikely. Part Two:…show more content…
Beck Weathers is a very shy and guarded person in the beginning of the climb. This caused me to not really pay attention to him since he was not much of a main character. However, as the journey goes on more of his character comes out. Beck is a very brave and strong person who had to fight for his life during the storm. He waited for hours until he Hutchinson discovered him. When Hutchinson found him he described that “‘His right glove was missing and he had terrible frostbite. I tried to get him to sit up but he couldn’t. He was as close to death as a person can be and still breathing.’” (Krakauer 248). When Krakauer first met Weathers he did not think too highly of him, but eventually you can tell how much John is surprised of his determination. The way the author wrote about Beck Weathers influenced

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