Into Thin Air Essay

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Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Knowing that any person in the world can climb Mount Everest is amazing. In the novel Into Thin Air written by Jon Krakauer, climbers climb to the highest point of the world. Some everyday people like Jon Krakauer, who is an author hired to write an article about Mount Everest for an adventure magazine and Doug Hansen who is a postal worker climbing Mount Everest for the second time. It is unfortunate what happened to the people that died when descending from the summit. However, no one is responsible for those deaths, it was an unexpected storm that killed them. Ultimately a person is not responsible for another person 's action. I believe once a person is near death self-preservation will…show more content…
Many things could go wrong climbing the highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 29,029 ft. 12 people died climbing Mount Everest. No is responsible for those death. The climbers had chosen to climb the mountain. In the novel it states, “Hall was charging $65,000 a head to guide clients to the top of the world” (Krakauer 35). This shows that a person is willing to pay to go through so much pain, risk and sickness to summit the top of the world. None of these people were forced to climb the mountain, especially Hansen climbing the mountain his second time. There was a specific rule that the turnaround time was at 2 pm, no matter where you are on the mountain you go back to camp, that was the rule. Hansen should have started to turn back to camp, but since he wasn 't able to reach the summit his first time he didn 't want to go back down again. So he kept on going past the turnaround time. This leads Hansen to make a serious mistake pushing for the summit despite it being way later than the agreed upon turnaround time. In the novel Hansen says, “I want to get this thing done and out of my life” (Krakauer 293). Hansen didn 't want to climb Mount Everest for a third time since he was starting to get to old. This shows Hansen didn’t care about the turnaround time, he cared most about reaching the summit. Ultimately, no one is responsible for Hansen’s
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