Into Thin Air Wild Analysis

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Through the texts Into Thin Air, Wild, and A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains portray many events in their travels and adventures that are rather dangerous and others discomforting. From uncomfortable living arrangements to practically dying on a mountain top these three books all have dangers and discomforts in them. The human mind is a very powerful thing, yet fear can quickly ravage the mind causing you to go into fight or flight mode. This Essay will compare the various dangers in the three books that some may consider “humankind’s worst fears” and contrast them and go in depth of their differences. In Into Thin Air they had the task of climbing mount Everest. Before they even had arrived to base camp they arrived at a lodge to rest at Lobuje. Lobuje…show more content…
In Strayed’s past she went into detail about how her mother dies and wasn’t close to either her father or step-father. She also talks about sleeping with other men when she has a husband and doing illicit drugs like heroin. “What if I forgave myself? I thought. What if I forgave myself even though I'd done something I shouldn't have? What if I was a liar and a cheat and there was no excuse for what I'd done other than because it was what I wanted and needed to do? What if I was sorry, but if I could go back in time I wouldn't do anything differently than I had done? What if I'd actually wanted to fuck every one of those men? What if heroin taught me something?… What if I already was?” this shows that Stray really needed this trip because she was seeking a way out. Isabella Bird travel because of her health. A doctor suggested she traveled in hope of her getting better. Comparing the two adventure in terms of improving their health they both seemed to work. Strayed slowly got back into a normal found a new husband and stopped using drugs. As for Isabella Bird her travels made her forget all about her
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