Intolerance In The Outsiders Essay

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Intolerance is prevalent throughout the outsiders and the house of the scorpion. Even though they are different types of intolerance they are still relevant, especially to today’s society. There are many types of intolerance, a few of them are; intolerance because of background, because of appearance, because of someone’s race and because of what someone is. The main types of intolerance in the house of the scorpion and the outsiders are, background and what someone is.
In the Outsiders, intolerance is shown with what background a person came from. For example, the greasers hated the socs because they thought that they had it really easy where they came from add they didn’t have to deal with poverty, dead parents and having the police always after them. But in the words of Cherry Valance, “It’s rough all over.”(S.E. Hinton 35). But even though Cherry tolerated some of the greasers the rest of the socs just thought that they were dirty liars, cheats and thieves. Although that may be true there is no reason for them to be mistreated. It’s just like in today’s society, if a person is from the hood they are seen as lesser than
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The type of intolerance that shows up in the house of the scorpion is the fat that a person isn’t like the rest. This shows up when Matt is found in the poppy fields. At first the children didn’t care that he was poor or dirty. So when he hurt himself they took him back to the Alacarán Estate. But when they found out what he was Matt suddenly became this disgusting, untouchable creature. At first María didn’t understand until Emilia said “‘Don’t,’[...]. The seriousness in her voice made the little girl pause. ‘Matt’s a clone. You mustn’t go near it.’”(Farmer 27). They way they treated Matt is just like how today when someone will count another person out because they are fat or because they are handicapped and it is wrong. Really and truly most of the time it’s not their
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