Intra District Transfer Case Study

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I am writing to request an intra-district transfer for my child, Adara Hansard, under the Texas Education Code, Sec. 25.0342. Adara is 14 years old, currently living at 4415 Whispering Valley Dr. and attending Anderson High in the fall for her freshman year. She has been a victim of bullying throughout her 7th and 8th grade years at Murchison from several of her peers, creating what I believe to be a toxic and unsuitable educational environment for my child that has caused her to be notably afraid of her transition into Anderson High. She struggled with acceptance from peers and the social life she cultivated at Murchison had a huge impact on her mental well-being, resulting in the need for therapy from Mandy Young, an LPC who specializes in anxiety and social skills issues of children and adolescents who have difficulty fitting in or having success at school, and later on psychiatric help resulting in depression, sleep, and anxiety medication. Throughout her 7th grade year, she suffered conflict from her social group, especially from peer…show more content…
She was threatened on multiple occasions by Ashlynn, varying from sabotaging her friendships to physically fighting her, and had to deal with fellow students harassing her and speaking down to her due to this. She missed a lot of days due to emotional duress for these two years, and this ultimately ended in her falling severely behind in her school work, only adding to her stress. She tried to deal with the emotional abuse without adult assistance throughout 7th grade, believing it would subside over the summer, but after seeing the toll it had begun taking on her grades and mental health and speaking to Christy Cochran, librarian and confidant, she finally reached out to administration and received a school-based Stay Away agreement at the beginning of her 8th grade year for Ashlynn Morgan; the purpose of which is to increase safety for students who have been the target of severe or repeated bullying,
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