Intramuscular Injections: A Case Study

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Unlike the article, the VA recommends that intramuscular injections are for patients who cannot take medication orally, when I.V. administration is inappropriate, and for drugs that are altered by digestive juices. The VA, clearly outlines when to not give an intramuscular injection. It states in their policy that, injections should not be given at “inflamed, edematous, or irritated sites or at sites that contain moles, birthmarks, scar tissue, or other lesions” (Brandt, 2012). The journal article does not give clear advice on when not to give an injection intramuscular. Unlike the article, the VA states that intramuscular injection should be given in a sterile technique, being that the medication must be sterile, and the needle…show more content…
The article thoroughly validates the need for appropriate verification when it comes to the medication being given and where it should be given. We as future nurses, should always check and validate what we are given to our patients and where we should be given the medication to ensure the overall effectiveness. As stated in the article, if this is not done correctly, the risk for injury to the patient is likely to happen. A second thing the article states that could impact the nursing profession is the proper site and needle size of the medication being given. You should not give the medication in the wrong site and should have the correct needle size to ensure the proper delivery of the medication. It will defeat the purpose of the injection if it’s given in the wrong route. The right dose and the right route is 2 of the 5 principles the nursing profession is built on when it comes to medication administration. Finally, the third and most important thing, that validates the nursing profession is the skin prep and person protective equipment that is used when given an intramuscular injection. We as nursing vow to protect our patients from harm and that means ensuring we are taken the necessary steps to ensure we are on infecting them and causing harm. Contamination can lead to a lot of medical complications for our patients and all could be avoided if we do as the article say and ensure we clean the skin appropriately. This article was very informing. Compared to all three, I am sure I will be able to perform a intramuscular injection correctly and

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