Character Analysis: The Man Who Jumped Into The Water

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Intrapersonal conflicts are disputes that an individual experiences psychologically and this conflict involves one’s emotions and thoughts. This type of conflict is very difficult to deal with if one cannot understand their struggles, and can lead to depression or suicide. These disputes compile over time the more unpredictable that individuals behavior can become. The short story “The Man Who Jumped Into The Water” suggests that when an individual undergoes many intrapersonal conflicts it leads to substantial negative unexpected events because of the unresolved psychological disputes within an individual. “The Man Who Jumped Into the Water” primarily takes place around the pool of Charlie Hartz’s mansion (Laurie 12-20). The narrator and her boyfriend, Jeremy Flowers, go swimming…show more content…
This particular symbol is a conventional symbol because different cultures see and understand wealth differently depending on their financial background. However, when Charlie becomes wealthy and can afford a fifteen room mansion with an Olympic size swimming pool he is then faced with an unpredicted event of bankruptcy (12). Charlie is a stockbroker and this is a very crucial part because Laurie Colwin was writing this short story in 1974, and there was a major stock market crash in 1973-1975. Since Charlie is a stockbroker he probably went bankrupt since he just bought this mansion that cost an extraordinary amount of money. Since this unexpected event occurred Charlie is now spiraling into debt that he will probably never get out of. Charlie does keep this internal because he is more than likely ashamed of going bankrupt since he just bought this luxurious mansion. When looking at Charlie going into debt by the stock market crash it shows how an unexpected negative event can leave an individual with intrapersonal
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