Examples Of Intrinsic Motivation

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Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from any external or outside rewards, such as money or grades. This paper will show whether the application of the 6 influence strategies/sources comes from intrinsic motivation or from some other outside source.
SOURCE 1—PERSONAL MOTIVATION & SOURCE 2—PERSONAL ABILITY Source 1 Personal Motivation and Source 2 Personal Ability are an intrinsic motivation due to it reflecting on how we personally react to a situation; therefore, governed by emotion. Personal motivation asks us, “Am I able and Is it worth doing? In the Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change (2013), states when someone suffering from the Guinea worm exiting their body, their personal motivation to stop the pain allows them to immerse the sores in water to end the pain inflicted upon them by the worm (p. 71). When our body and/or mind can no longer take the pain our intrinsic motivation takes over; therefore, personal motivation to relieve the pain infects the water supply again. As we have seen in the circumstance of personal motivation, Source 2 Personal Ability remains directed by emotion due to an ability or inability to accomplish a task. An example in the Influencer:
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In the Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change (2013), the five housewives in India worked together to create a business for one of the five women by collectively interjecting their concepts and generating an elucidation to start the first business (pp. 186-189). As a result of their social ability to communicate with each other, the five women were able to effectively influence change by starting a business that was successful. The last two sources, structural motivation and structural ability are likewise extrinsically influenced by outside sources, such as rewards, that influence an individual to
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