Introduction And Importance Of Communication

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Communication is very important in our daily lives. Wherever we are, the expertise and knowledge of how to communicate is important to ensure mutual understanding. Communication occurs when any important information can be transferred from ourselves to the people around us who receive the information they wish to convey. Both parties need to have the understanding so that the information can be shared. The basis of interpersonal relationships is a communication to connect between an individual and an individual who needs that information. We need to adapt with others in order to launch the communication, we will get people 's information to enable more effective interaction. Therefore, it is important in our communication to comply with norms, rules and practices in communication to build bilateral ties by predicting the thoughts and feelings of individuals who will receive the message that has been delivered.
What is a communication? Communication can defined as two way communication process in to get information that involve a sender and a receiver. Communication is one of important element as human being, people use communication on daily to communicate with others. Communication also can defined as process to convey our message to other. Messages can be information, directives, queries, feelings, opinions, ideas, or otherwise. Communication must be able to generate responses from recipients, which will be evident in the form of some behavioral changes. It
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