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1.0 Introduction Basically, Philosophy of Mind is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of the mind in sense of the consciousness, mental events, mental properties, and mental function with their relationship with the physical body. Field of computer science, neurobiology as well as psychology are some extent to which philosophy of mind intersect with. As Philosophy of mind is considered as a part of metaphysics, it also has been particularly studied by school of thought like Existentialism, Analytic Philosophy as well as Phenomenology. It has been studied by this kind school of thought until now and even it has been discussed by philosophers from the earliest times. The nature of death, the nature of what a person is, which regarding…show more content…
It argues that the mind is a substance that is independently exists, so that the mental does not have extension in space, and the material cannot think. Descartes is famously defended this type of Dualism and most theologies is compatible with this kind of dualism. This is because it claims that immortal souls occupy an independent "realm" of existence distinct from that of the physical world. Then, there is Property Dualism which claims that mind is a group of independent properties that emerge from the brain; however that it is not a distinct substance. So, when for an example, a matter is organized in the appropriate way like the way that living human bodies organized, the mental properties is emerge there are three main types of this kind of Dualism. The first one is well known as Interactionism. It allows that mental causes like belief and desires to produce material effect and vice versa. Descartes believed that this interaction physically occurred in the pineal gland. A material basis of interaction between immaterial and material is impossible and that the interactions were really caused by the intervention of God on each individual occasion is known as Occasionalism. One of the rationalist who is well known as Nicholas Malebranche was the major proponent of this

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