Introduction Of Globalization

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1. INTRODUCTION. 1.1. Definition of globalization. Globalization - the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Globalization is a process of changing the structure of the world economy, more recently understood as a collection of national economies linked to each other based on the international division of labor, economic and political relations, inclusion in the world market and the close intertwining of economies on the basis of transnationalization and regionalization. The main consequence of this is the global division of labor, a continuous stream of body, great leaps in development as theology and communications, reducing the boundaries, the emergence of non-state governments, fusion of cultures and traditions of forgetting. In result countries become dependent on each other, that from time to time leads to the destruction of the economy or to the global crisis. Just consequences are to reduce the impact and power of states and non-governmental organizations increase in strength and multinational corporations. Views on the origins of globalization are debatable. Historians consider this process as one of the stages of development of capitalism. Economists are counting on the transnationalization of financial markets. Will promote democratic institutions, expect politicians. Culturologists manifestation of globalization is associated with Westernization of culture, including the American economic expansion. There are
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