What Is Mass Media?

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Mass media is any means of technology which is used for the intended communication with a large-scale audience. It is seen as the principal means of communication used to touch the vast majority of the general public. Media has many forms, the most common of which are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. The general public normally relies on the media to deliver information on the topic of political issues, social issues, entertainment, and news on modern art, music, and literature. Media came into existence in 15th century with the introduction of the world’s first newspaper namely “Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien,” a German newspaper which name translates to “Account of all distinguished and commemorable news,” and since then media has developed significantly.…show more content…
The newspaper was mass media’s original platform, and for an awfully long period of time the public relied on their newspaper to deliver the latest news and current events. Centuries later, the late 19th century brought forth the invention of the radio. The radio quickly became the most appropriate source of mass media, families would gather around the radio to listen to current politics, entertainment, and social issues. Many years later came the invention of the television which quickly replaced the radio as the most effective platform to communicate information to the public. Currently the Internet is the most relevant form of mass media and has become one of the foremost tools of all news outlets. The general public is now able to access all major news outlets in an instant with just a click of a mouse, as an alternative of having to wait for scheduled
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