Introduction Of Shahjahanabad

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ASSIGNMENT 2 (10210103) Traditional wisdom and sustainable concepts “HISTORICAL SETTLEMENTS PATTERNS AND ITS SUSTAINABILITY” Submitted by, K V N PavithraRadhai (1140500009) 1st year M.Arch Submitted to, Dr. T.Chatterji, SPA, Vijayawada. Submitted on: 24-Sep-2014 ABSTRACT The climate responsiveness of any old building can never be left uninspired. The cool ambience of spaces inside buildings makes people to wonder about the knowledge people owned before they were exposed to any aid of modernity. This article would speak about one such settlement in old Delhi – Shahjahanabad that is characterized by architectural sensitivity and delicateness. INTRODUCTION Shahjahanabad is one of the historic city of Delhi and capital during the peak Mughal power in India. The city originated, when the fort at Agra faced the agonizing heat, coupled with insufficient accommodation and space for Shahjahan’s lavish lifestyle and his grand ceremonial processions. Shahjahanabad initially evolved on the basis of a formal geometry in axial planning. Social hierarchy played a major role in defining the planning of the city thereby determining the proximity of a house to the palace. The artistic intricacy of Mughals reached a stage of maturity and refinement during the reign of Shajahan. The architecture development was remarkable in his period due to his interest and patronage towards Architecture. PLANNING OF SHAJAHANABAD Ancient India was bestowed with a great knowledge for highly
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