Cause Of World Hunger

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1.1 Background: World Hunger
The term Hunger has three meanings according to (Oxford English Dictionary, 1971.), it is said to be the uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food, the want or scarcity of food in a country and a strong desire or craving. The reason I choose this topic it is because every time in the news we see, hear about countries that are fighting against each other for their reasons, this has a huge impact in lack of infrastructure, losing our beloved ones but most importantly not having anything to eat, which will lead to hunger. We as people should promote the spirit of unity, helping one another so that we do not see each other
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What are the causes of hunger is a fundamental question, with varied answers: Poverty is the principal cause of hunger, Harmful economic systems are the principal cause of poverty and hunger, Conflict as a cause of hunger and poverty, hunger is also a cause of poverty, and thus of hunger, Climate change and Micronutrients. Moreover cases such as unemployment will certainly increase poverty in such a way that parents and child headed families will not be able to support and care for their families effectively.
2.3 Western Worldview on World Hunger: This world view originates from the non-Communist states of Europe and North America in contrast to the Eastern. Historical relating to or characteristic with mainly associated with a film, television drama, or novels. This view in regards to hunger is a bit complicated as mostly it focuses on individualistic characteristics so one may find the believers of this view do things different one may be caring and giving to does who need food in a form of a donating to charity or an individual owning a charity which is collecting money from other organisation but indirectly or directly benefiting more from the money as an individual in terms of their own private life. Or one could be so selfish to a point that they do not care about the outside world so long as they are well fed and ignorant by not accepting to help people who are in need. In most cases people of this view a wealthy and rich most properly
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I personally believe that it starts with an individual to make a change, regardless of how small you start but it somehow makes a change. We provide children and families with the means to fight hunger and achieve food security. Food security means that families will know where their next meal is coming from — and that it will be enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy life. Also improve their skills so they can Increase agricultural productivity through improved seeds and farming practices, Improving access to markets so farming families can sell their surplus food, Teaching families and communities how to improve nutrition and dietary diversity and Managing resources in a sustainable way to prevent soil erosion, maintain soil fertility, use water more efficiently, and protect the environment. This approaches I
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