Introduction To Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer's disease involves cognitive disorders and problems with abstract reasoning in older people mostly. Alzheimer's disease has many behavioural and emotional characteristics which affects the victims of Alzheimer, as well as their families and those who care for them. The exact cause of Alzheimer is still not clear to us, not even after all these years of research. Till now, all we know is that a small proportion of Alzheimer’s disease is inherited, many scientist believe that there is some connections between a person’s environment and genetic make-up.
According to statistics, more than 44 million people in the world have Alzheimer disease. By the year 2030, there might be a rise in the number of Alzheimer victims, up to
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My work and research are mostly concerned about how humanistic psychology can be applied as a treatment for Alzheimer patients and how Maslow’s hierarchy of does needs contribute in treating patients suffering from AD.

Introduction to Alzheimer’s disease

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer is connected with psychological issue, fundamentally memory issues with dynamic thinking, it has numerous other clinical, behavioural, and enthusiastic attributes which influences both those agony from the illness and additionally their parental figures.
(cited by Dr Guy Proulx,2015)

What is dementia?

Dementia is the side effects including the decay of subjective capacities with coming about changes in practices that meddle in the capacity to work autonomously in ordinary life. Dementia is the indications of Alzheimer’s ailment. (cited by Dr Guy Proulx,2015)

Alzheimer's disease is not just an ailment of perception. It includes behavioural and mental issues. Truth be told, capricious desire, neurosis, sound-related pipedreams, shouting, and unsettling are all components of the dementia, in Alzheimer's ailment. (cited by Dr Guy
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The reason hidden discretion conduct methods is that negative conduct is once in a while an irregular neuron-electric motivation. It is brought on by an activating occasion which, if recognized and dispensed with, can lessen the issue of practices. It is a powerful treatment in light of the fact that patients change negative feelings rapidly and advance sentiments of reason and accomplishment. (Cited by John Zeisel,1999)

What psychologists can do to help Alzheimer patients ?

Psychologists have a lot to offer in helping Alzheimer patients, not only in tackling the Alzheimer’s disease but also designing intervention programs that minimize the effects of Alzheimer. In some cases a psychological treatment may be a treatment of choice and the only treatment required.
(cited by Dr Guy Proulx,2015)

Some of the methods a psychologist can help:

1. Provide good education to help understand cognitive impairments and how they relate to changes in the patient’s behaviour and provide training to individuals to compensate for their cognitive
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