Introduction To Business Marketing Communication

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Introduction to Business Marketing Communication
Business marketing communications plays an important role in activating and nourishing customer relationships and achieving business success (Low, 2000; Rest et al., 2004; Zahay et al, 2004). Business marketing communication in today’s dynamic world calls for an integration which is reflected on the company performance as well. The below summarized research studies mainly convey importance of communication and they more or less have a common requirement i.e. IMC. Integrated Marketing communication (IMC) is the combination of all elements of the marketing communication mix ((Pickton in Hartley, 1998; Duncan, 2002) which enables synergy between the decisions and activities and lead to better performance.
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These are called integrated marketing communication (Přikrylová & Jahodová, 2010). Integrated marketing communication is the concept of marketing communication systems, which provides a logical and synergistic whole (Pavlů, 2005). The essence of IMC process is to combine the communication mix elements into a unified whole and make sure that the brand positioning in the market, product features and also the message to be conveyed will be systematically included in each element of the communication…show more content…
(Fill, 1995) on consumer markets, communication relates not only to pre buying and buying behavior, but also to general individual motivation to buy a product or avail a service. The buying process in the B2B markets on the other hand, is the result of problems in a company, or a feeling of insufficiency or dissatisfaction commonly seen in B2C markets. The buying decisions in a company is done by a Decision making unit (DMU) composed of a group of professionals and their decision is considered very rational and sophisticated. The number of members in a DMU and its structure depend on the type and purchase complexity and also on the size of the company. The impact of the marketing message being communicated to the DMU is changed as per the phase of the decision making process. The first step in communication planning is to identify who we would want to target with our message. In the present day, we aim at a specific person in a department, for instance, a manager or a technician and direct our communication to him and frame the message according to his understanding. However hard a task it is, the one framing the message must put himself in the shoes of the reader and understand as to how they would react, process the information and how it can influence their purchase behavior. It is also necessary to take into consideration personal effects and interaction

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