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INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Criminal justice system is a system of institutions, established to control the crime & impose punishments on those who indulge in any criminal act on one hand and to provide justice to victims on the other hand. Broadly, a criminal justice system has 3 vital components namely Police or law enforcement agencies, Judiciary or courts and Prison. All three pillars play a significant role in administration of criminal justice in their own spheres. OBJECT AND AIM OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM The administration of criminal justice is based upon the principle of natural justice which includes fairness, reasonableness, transparency, accountability, equity etc. The object of criminal justice system is to maintain…show more content…
In today’s era, there have been continuous changes in the society and criminal justice system was expected to fall into steps with those changes to attain its objects. But unfortunately, it has failed to do so. The reason for such failure does not lie in its objectives or principles. It has failed due to various limitations in its mechanism such as lack of effective law enforcement authorities, huge pendency of cases, ineffective investigation, inordinate delay in disposal of trials and appeals, substandard prison conditions etc. These are some significant issues that our criminal justice system is…show more content…
Fair trial essentially includes speedy justice. Delay in disposal of case not only brings prejudice to the parties but also puts the whole system of administration of justice to jeopardy. Delay in conclusion of trial immensely affects both the parties. If an accused is innocent in fact, he carries the label accused and suffers for a very long time. The situation gets worse if he is denied bail during pendency of trial or appeal. He remains in jail for years until the trial or appeal gets concluded. Even if at the end the accused gets acquitted, an irreparable damage gets caused to his reputation, physical and mental health and his family. On the other hand, if an accused is guilty in fact, the victim of that crime suffers grossly. Delay in recording of victim’s statement, harsh and humiliating cross-examinations by defence, manipulation of facts and award of lesser punishment on ground of delay causes injustice to victim. Both cases are against the principle of fairness, Thus in denial of Right to Fair trial. Thus it is apparent that Speedy justice is integral part of Right to Fair trial enshrined under Article 21 of

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