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Introduction to Fuzzy Logic aims at sharing information and experiences in the world of Fuzzy Logic and about its various useful applications. The Fuzzy Logic (FL) concept is the brainchild of Lofti Zadeh, a professor at the University of California, Berkley. Through this concept is a control methodology , he presented Fuzzy Logic as a way to process data by allowing partial set membership instead of crisp set membership or non membership. This approach was not used in controlling systems till 1970, as the computers at that time were of less capability. This set theory approach advocated by the Professor was to tell the world that while people are highly capable of adaptive control, there are no requirements of precise and numerical input to…show more content…
A fuzzy Logic system is an alternative to the traditional notions of set membership and logic, which has its origins from the philosophy of ancient Greeks. While success in large part, in respect of the ‘precision of mathematics’, is credited to the efforts put in by Aristotle and his earlier predecessors, in devising a concise theory of Logic and later mathematics. Among the philosophers that followed it could be said that Pluto laid the foundation that would become Fuzzy Logic, to indicate a third region between YES and NO. After intervention of many modern philosophers, Fuzzy Logic has emerged as a profitable tool for controlling and steering the systems of a complex industrial process that could also be used for household and entertainment electronics. Fuzzy Logic system is capable of providing a simple but a sure way to arrive at a definite conclusion based upon ambiguous, vague, noisy, imprecise or missing input information. Its approach to control problems is a replica of a person’s decision making process, but in a much faster…show more content…
In the process defining the rule base quickly gets complex in case a choice is made to have too many inputs and outputs for a single implementation. To avoid such a situation, it is better to break the control system into smaller chunks and used several smaller FL controllers with limited responsibilities on the system. Fuzzy Logic can control nonlinear systems wherever it is impossible to model a system arithmetically. This helps to have control systems that are normally considered unfeasible for automation. Areas of Application of Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Logic system is applied in the key application areas of automotive systems such as Automatic Gear boxes, four wheel steering and Vehicle environment control. In the consumer electronics segment, it is used in Hi-Fi system, photocopiers, video and still cameras and Television. Domestic goods segment also used FL in Micro Ovens, Refrigerators, Vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Air conditioners/ Dryers/ Heaters and Humidifiers are also equipped with Fuzzy Logic system. Advantages of Fuzzy Logic System Within Fuzzy reasoning, mathematics concepts are simpler. All the imprecise, noisy and distorted input information can be taken by

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