Introduction To Industrial Relations

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Introduction of Industrial Relations

Industrial relationship is the practices of an individual who involve in organization and management setting through their work. In basically, industrial relationship is looking for the interaction that representative by the management and the workers towards their argument. At the same time, industrial are different views about how the most effective government should frame and policies to the issues of efficiency and equity of the contribution of industrial relationship wellbeing even the national economy. Venkatesh and Kala (2013) stated that engaging the industrial put on this way

Industrial relations has become one of the most delicate and complex problems of modern industrial society. Industrial
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Industrial relations are focusing on the interaction between employers, employees and government. For example policy of government will give impact on the changes of employees and the organization management. There is various policy and acts in Malaysia like, an Industrial Act 1967, the Trade Union Act 1959 and the Employment Act 1955. This policy serves as a guideline for employers and employees to manage the organization. Policy of company is also closely related to HRM in organization. As a way of managing people, HRM emphasizes the goals of organizational commitment and policy integration with the needs of business (Legge 1989). For example, a declining work performance of worker in companies may involve with the problem in human resource strategies practiced such as leadership style that does not take care of the relationship between employee and employer. Affect from this problem may lead to strike, suit, and rebel. So, attention is mainly focused on how the law should be designed to ensure that workers and employers to establish a harmonious relationship in the interests of both…show more content…
All the actions taken by the management that follow the law will result a good cooperation between employee and employer. Industrial relation will assist Human Resource Management in the organization to function well. Some of the major tasks are hiring, and discussion of some contracts and negotiations.
Industrial relation also helps to demonstrate the knowledge and implications in a different view of the employment relationship. All the problem arises in the organization can be settle down and have to abide by the law. This will result to those issues where it can be critically analyze and being solved.

As a conclusion, industrial relations are about the employee, labor or employment relations. The major important of industrial relations are the contribution of industrial relations towards individual and the organization. An effective industrial relations system and its contributions will encourage harmony at the workplace while having their understanding each other’s right peacefully and that productivity are enhanced. Therefore, a good management is requires good industrial

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