Melchizedek In The Bible

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This brings me to Melchizedek. Melchizedek is an enigma for most people who read the Bible and yet it is very important we know who and what He is. Melchizedek is a mystery indeed as He is briefly mentioned in the Bible. We initially hear of Melchizedek in the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis. He is also mentioned in the book of Hebrews and Psalms. Who was He, where did He come from and what was his purpose?

In short, Melchizedek was the Old Testament Jesus. You heard correctly, Jesus was not only around in the Old Testament as a human in spirit form appearing to many people as God, but He was also incarnate in the Old Testament before He was incarnate in the New Testament. Jesus has been incarnate TWICE! Melchizedek is Jesus
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You may know these books as the lost books of the Bible, the missing books of the bible, the non canonical books of the Bible or the apocryphal books of the Bible, such as the Book of Enoch which I briefly touched upon earlier.

For example, the Bible mentions “The Book of the Wars of the Lord” in Numbers 21:14, but we do not find this book included in the Bible. If you turn to 2 Samuel 1:18 and Joshua 10:13 you will find a reference to the “Book of Jasher” but you will not find that book within the Bible either. There are more, in both Chronicles 1 & 2 you will find reference to the “Book of Nathan,” in 2 Chronicles there is a reference to the “Book of Shemaiah,” also in 2 Chronicles is mentioned the “Book of Jehu,” the “Book of Gad” and the “Book of Samuel the seer.” None of which are included in the Bible.

The reason why I am going to off on a bit of a tangent here is because I feel it is important to raise this other point regarding potential missing pieces of the Bible as well. I will not be addressing the Council of Nicea and Emperor Constantine in terms of which books were included/excluded and why in a historical sense, but will keep the context of this book mostly focused on the current Bible. In doing so I will refer to certain biblical books that are mentioned in the Bible, but not included in the Bible, which in itself is a whole other mystery for another time and another
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