Introduction To Public Communication In The Movie Hitch

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The movie Hitch is a romantic comedy that feature Will Smith. The comedy co-star other individuals such as Kevin James, Amber Valletta, and Eva Mendes. In the movie, Will Smith takes the role Alex Hitch Hitchens and he is portrayed as a professional date doctor who trian other men on how to get a women. Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas as he advises Allan Brennaman on how to get his celebrity boss, Allegra Cole. The film “Hitch” (2005), staring Will Smith and Eva Mendes, explores the idea that no one holds the key to knowing everything there is to know about relationships. You just have to be yourself. A term from chapter 6 that describe this movie would be self-disclosure, acknowledgment messages, and initiating. Self-disclosure is the process of revealing information about yourself to others that are not readily known by them (Department of Communication, Indiana State University, Brian Johnston, et al. “Introduction to Public Communication.” Introduction to Public Communication | Open Textbook, Indiana State University, 18 Aug. 2016, An example would be when Alex self-presente to Sara saying to her “no earing, heels under two inches, you hair is pulled back, wearing reading glassees with no book, drinking a Grey Goose martini” because Sara’s perception of men in general is different from most girl. Another example would be when Albert says “Look, you don’t think that I tried talking myself out of this? You don’t think I

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