Introduction To Sesame Street

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The Introduction Announcement You're a 4-year-old kid. So warm and comfortable sitting on your couch.The sound of your teddy bear saying, "I wuv you," fills the air along with the distinct smell of air freshener and lunch. Mom comes in and turns on the TV. You instantly recognize the song and sing along. All of your memories while watching the show invade your feelings and thoughts. The song is almost over and you happily shout, "How to get to Sesame Street!" Almost every person has seen the fascinating award winning show called Sesame Street during their childhood. Although you might not have thought about it, it took a lot of time and effort to bring it together. This show has gone through some rough times but even after that, it…show more content…
All things have to come to an end sooner or later and in 1982 tragedy struck. Will Lee who played Big Bird’s friend Mr. Hooper was no more. The world was in shock, then Sesame Street came out with an episode of Big Bird overcoming this occasion. The Smell of Smoke and Sorrows 9/11. What comes to mind when you hear that date? I’m guessing sorrow, tears, smoke, and lives tearing in half. This was one of the worst times in our history. Children were petrified. Joan G. Cooney wanted to do something for them. Some days later Elmo had a kitchen fire and learned to overcome his fears with the help of some firefighters. This was a message for children to stay strong throughout hard times. Sesame Street was never just a TV show, it is a support for children through hard times (and it was an educational program but that doesn’t matter right now after my impactful quote.) A Show for ALL Audiences The Cast Sesame Street has always been encouraging to all audiences. Well, what happens when they add a new puppet to a whole new audience? Autism records have been going off the charts since 1988. The show hasn’t really touched the topic of autism yet. So they decided to add a new puppet to the cast. Julia has autism. So when she doesn’t respond to something Abby Cadabby and Elmo explain why. She will appear in 3 episodes in the current season and more often during the next
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