Reaction Paper About Sexual Harassment

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Introduction Sexual Harassment is so redundant nowadays. We intend to express ur thought in an exaggerated way. Not even knowing that it’s a form of sexual harassment or illegal sex discrimination. But most of us committed harassment in expressing thoughts even though we already know that it’s a form of sexual harassment. The gesture may lead into sexual harassment because of the stimulation of hormones that gets high every time we see others wearing shorts, sexy dresses and other hottest part of the body. It happens anytime and anywhere. People nowadays are mostly involved in sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment happens in many ways either verbal or nonverbal ways. Most of the victims of sexual harassment are the women, especially those…show more content…
(2002) defines “girl watching” as the act of men sexually evaluating women. The target woman whose in a group of women, or even a picture of a woman may or may not be strange to them. Men may partake in “girl watching” in any number of ways; calling attention to the presence of a woman (perhaps making a comment about your body or clothing, whistling or licking on there lips). Quinn also stated there about the uncertain nature of such behavioral method of sexual harassment and is most interested, with her research here grounded in maleness work, it was stated that where men engage in “girl watching” as a way to interact and build friendship with other men. Somehow Quinn Beth A. explained on how men acted in some certain situation and on how men reacted when seeing girls wearing in unappropriate attire. She therefore conclude that the behavioral styles of men is a sort of sexual harassment. It was stated there that men can commit sexual harassment in many ways. It’s on men’s nature in acting on that kind of attitude. This is one of the proof that can support our research paper, it has a further explaination about on how sexual harassment can be commited by men. This may lead the readers to expand there knowledge about the different ways on how men can commit sexual
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