Sport Pedagogy

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Introduction of Sport Pedagogy Sport pedagogy is for whom aspire to offer some children and young people a high-quality learning experiences in and through out sport. Sport pedagogy is also about learning process in practice. It also can be refers to both of the ways in which individuals learning, and to pedagogical knowledge and skills that coaches and teachers need to support them to learn in efficient way. It is also a simultaneously as sport-specific knowledge and works as a guide for a learning wider knowledge, attributes and skills throughout sport. Sport pedagogy is also a study of complex and crowded place where sport and education binds and come together in practice. By – Kathleen Armou,University of Birmingham, UK.

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Pedagogy chained with sport that has potential to given people with many benefits including personal, in social development, and health related. The study of sport pedagogy is in order to creating a new knowledge and understanding improvement of it can brings to human. It consist of 3 core dimension forming the basis research in sport pedagogy. First of all is the knowledge in the context where sport knowledge and physical education is always context-bound. It has been seen as a value or relevant sport knowledge to be coached, teach or learned is contingent on a range of economic, political and historical and social factor that must be study and to understood. Second, the learners and learning. Whenever who is participating in sport, whether in physical education at school or been through recreational activities inside the community are all learners. Core of sort pedagogy learning the theory and understanding the reason behind. Thirdly which is final, teachers or coaches who are coaching their students. Devepment of effective learning towards them is an important steps in order to provide a positive sport experience for those who participating in sport with diverse need. The sport pedagogy is pretty much important not just involved sport that simple and it is also consists of a whole new level of…show more content…
This is why as a teachers or coachers to help athletes to adapt all individual needs. It can be divided by 2 that is linear and non linear pedagogy. Liner pedagogy focuses on more depth in dynamic aspects of sport. Linear pedagogy adapts to “criteria leading coaching” that approach to sport. This suggestions cannot become one thing that fits all as there is still a wide variety of variables to overcome. While coaching a new sport coaches will be using a number of different techniques, such as repetition, drills and technical demonstrations. While for non linear pedagogy takes “constraints led approach” to teaching of new sports. Coaches and teachers tend to have more experiential methods when in conducting training. Athletes will be taught using number of different stages which build them up on slowly to full game play.(Chow, Davids, and Button, 2015). Those who learn through non linear approach take longer to achieve their goals, but, they will be more likely to stay on the top for a longer time than who learn using a linear
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