Introduction To Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development is the plan to understand the world and the problems arising in this world and to solve these problems.
The overcrowding of people in the world at great rate is creating enormous problems in the world. The poor are starving for food, water, health care and proper shelter to survive in this world. Those living just above the poverty level are striving for improved future for their children. Those who are living in the high-income world are hoping that technology will offer them and their families even higher living standards. It looks like that rich people are also trying to increase their rankings in the world 's richest people.
Everyone in this world is looking for economic betterment.
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Qatar has made the progress in improving human development and is continuing to make progress. Qatar has moved from 57th to 34th out of 179 countries in United Nations Development Program 's (UNDP) Human development index between 1997 and 2006 (as reported in 2008).
The development of human and economy and protection of environment are the biggest of the challenges that must be reconciled. Very high economy growth, too rapid urban development and high population can have a bad impact on sustainable development. Qatar has initiated several steps to protect its natural environment including projects to monitor water and air quality, reduce emissions of carbon and maintain biological diversity.
Qatar is facing major environmental issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Most important are to achieve water security, reduce the emissions of carbon and increasing energy efficiency and removing risks that are threatening the safety of the marine environment. To assess the severity of risks and dealing with the changes, it will require mobilizing resources, coordinating efforts and devising and appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks in place.
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This plan was attempted when a decision was made to drill 341 recharge wells in some of the recommended places in Qatar. It is realized that by utilizing the findings of comprehensive evaluations, adopting a regular routine, and developing a maintenance plan to implement a rehabilitation strategy and deal with emergencies, the existing 341 recharge wells can be utilized well. By learning from experience and the recorded results, recommendations can be made for a new design and the choice of new locations so that all parts of the country where this is feasible are covered. Such measures would improve the annual recharge by about 50% or about 90 million. This contrasts with the scale of rainfall recharge currently which is only about 10% of

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