Introduction To Tourism

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1.1) Introduction to Tourism

Tourism is the practice of travelling for pleasure or the business of offering information, accommodations, transportation and other services to tourists. This word was first documented between 1805 and 1815.
It is an activity done by an individual or a group of individuals, which leads to a motion from a place to another. From a country to another for performing a specific task or it is a visit to a place or several places in the purpose of entertaining which leads to an awareness of other civilizations and cultures, also increasing the knowledge of countries, cultures, and history. Tourism
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It is a form of tourism, where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage. The world 's largest form of mass religious tourism takes place at the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Modern religious tourists are more able to visit holy cities and holy sites around the world. The most famous holy cities are Jerusalem, Mecca and Varanasi.

Visiting Friends & Relatives (VFR): VFR tourism involves the family unit and their participation in diverse forms of tourism activity. This includes visiting one’s relatives and friends for interpersonal reasons. Many people in India travel for visiting their friends and relatives. While visiting friends or relatives, people also visit tourists’ attractions in and around the city.

Health Tourism: Health tourism is also called as Medical tourism. People have been travelling for centuries to improve and rebuild their health and stamina. Today, many people travel great distances to exotic locations or health care facilities in faraway countries, in search of medical treatment and care. Medical tourism is an age-old concept that has gained popularity in the recent times. Many developing countries are emerging as hot medical tourism destinations capitalizing on low cost advantages. Many hospitals have specially designed packages including resorts facilities. Thus health tourism covers one or more of the following
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It is rapidly increasing for niche tourism products that are customised to satisfy the tastes of an increasingly discerning traveller, particularly among business and affluent leisure travellers. Many of these new niches are narrowly defined, but should not be overlooked. An increased awareness and consciousness among travellers of the social and environmental impacts of tourism which is fuelling a rapidly increasing interest in responsible, sustainable and green

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