Introversion Research Paper

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In a world that is more favorable of charisma and flair, is it possible for introverts to find love?

Often described as shy and socially awkward, introverts usually don 't find themselves high up on the social popularity scale. Skipping parties and usually preferring to be quiet in social situations and gatherings due to their reserved nature, introverts can mostly be misunderstood as being stuck-up and uninterested, when in most cases, this is usually untrue and in fact just the opposite. Continued research and published findings in the area suggest that introversion is actually only a way in which certain people respond to certain stimuli and their preference for such stimuli.

One notable personality who is renowned for championing introversion is Susan Cain. In her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can 't Stop Talking, Susan describes introverts as people who prefer listening to speaking. In a TED talk that she delivered in 2012, Susan went on to note that some of the greatest personalities in history such as Steve Jobs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Gandhi were all introverts and often
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They have been found to be deep thinkers who are not necessarily afraid of people, but who usually need a reason to interact. They want everyone to just be real and honest, as they themselves are, and usually don 't like to engage in small talk or self-praise. Introverts value their relationships, and usually desire quality over quantity. They like to go out and have fun albeit preferring coffee and a sandwich with friends or a walk on the beach to partying all night long for two days in a row. Introverts enjoy deep connections with the people in their life and are usually fully engaged in whatever it is that they choose to do, be it reading a book, or writing a
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