Advantages And Disadvantages Of Extroverts

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Introvert can be a better Leader than Extrovert

We are living in an extrovert world, where we are expected by the society to be socially active and to spend a lot of time communicating, but discouraging a time alone. As Emma Watson said “if you are anything other than an extrovert you are made to think there is something wrong with you.” (2013), as society are assume that if a person likes to spend a lot of time alone, they are seen as antisocial or lonely. Especially in a workplace, whereas teamwork and communication is very important, extroverts are perceived to be a perfect leader to overcome the obstacle of communicating, networking, and leading a team. However introvert are often seen as quiet, shy, and unapproachable person. Nevertheless,
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Introverts despite all the misjudgment, is proving that introverts are also can be a great leader than extrovert in some way. Some characteristics that the introvert is possessing are in fact can be a great tool for them in becoming a great leader, such as a great listener, calm and assuring demeanor, focus, and also humility and modesty. These traits are what the extrovert is sometimes do not possess. In the end, each one have their own advantages and disadvantages, and with this indicate that introvert are equally as great leader as extrovert. And as quoted from Criss Jami “In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent.” (2012). Resources
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