Intuition Allegra Goodman Analysis

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Critical Review of Intuition

Science is a complex and integrated system and much of today’s society lacks the means and resources to understand it. However, many of the greatest discoveries and issues of the 21st century our happening in the world of science. By using the work of fiction, Allegra Goodman discusses the issues that frequently arise in the world of science in her book, Intuition. Goodman uses this work of fiction to explore issues raised in the world of science through the use of descriptive text, character relations and the use of emotions. This adds value to science issues as it allows the reader to relate to the characters, story and science in a unique perspective. One common theme amongst fictional work is the use of descriptive text to
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It is often stated that people relate to emotions and not facts, and it seems Goodman understands just that. She clearly states the concepts and fundamentals behind the triumphs and struggles of modern day science while presenting them in a way that is filled with emotion. From jealously, delight and frustration, Goodman captures it all. Goodman writes, “Over and over he looked, and each time he made the discovery again: his virus worked on cancer cells. He had never seen anything more beautiful or more important than that mouse before him on the table,” (Goodman, 75). By capturing the emotions, Goodman is able to draw the reader into the context of the book and find a deeper understanding of the issues that arise by relating to the emotions that are associated with it. Goodman’s use of descriptive text, character relations and emotions creates a compelling argument that fiction is able to add value to explore issues raised in the world of science. By allowing the audience of Intuition to understand issues raised in science, Goodman can effectively communicate complicated science
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