The Watchmen Movie Analysis

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Moore, Alan, and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen. New York: DC Comics Inc, 1987. Print. In the first issue of The Watchmen, Gibbons and Moore use their talents to sets the opening scene as a mystery of one of the characters death. This set the tone for one of the other characters, Rorschach to enter in as the narrator to discover the truth of the crime and a walkthrough of his life as a crimebuster. After warning other of a possible assassin that is out with intentions of hurting another, those that were warned ignored the heads-up. Later in the second issue, those same characters that were warned seem to feel the pressure of another force closing in on them, which is the reason for calling all the others for a meeting. The author uses the death of the comedian as an example of the potential for harm to be caused to the others if precautions aren’t taken. The book is similar to the article “Trust Your Intuition” due to the individuals involved being blind or ignoring the warning signs of their certain situation. Although Rorschach doesn’t have the best communication skills…show more content…
He uses the scientific information of the enteric nervous system to show the viewer the similarities and then later gives examples of gut instinct being using in real life situations. He supports his claim with examples like a Russian in charge of an early nuclear mission radar using his gut instinct to determine it must be a computer malfunction and not warn his superiors, which caused him to potentially save the world from nuclear fallout. Another supporting evidence is the studies conducted by Columbia University which tested the instinct of several individuals to see the reliability of the intuition. The clip is similar to.Obviously, the nickname of “second brain” comes from the nervous system, but how many tests have been conducted to test the capabilities of the enteric nervous
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