Inuit And Haida Character Analysis

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The Haida And The Inuit The Haida and the Inuit lifestyle we 're a little bit the same. My second paragraph in this essay is about the Inuit and the Haida’s challenges they had to face, my third paragraph is about the resources the Inuit and Haida had to work with and make a living off of it. Fourth, is the Inuit and Haida’s universals. Let’s get on with it. Challenges Challenges the Inuit faced was the freezing cold which they needed thick jacket to keep them warm. Another example for the inuit is, that they needed to constantly move to keep up with their animals the elk caribou and beers to get there food and fur to stay warm, they were nomadic hunters and just had a nomadic lifestyle. Also, it was a challenge hunting their prey, the whales. The whales were dangerous because the Inuit hunted them in canoes and if the canoes hit the ice in the ocean they would break and the crew members would go in the water and probably die,…show more content…
As another example, is animism for the Inuit culture, what animism means is you don 't waste anything of the animal as it can be meat or bones, and everything has a spirit. And that they respect nature and if they fail those expectations the gods will punish them. One of many Haidas Universals is cedar trees and that 's a big part of the Haida tribe, because cedar trees are very useful to them by giving them clothes, shelter, weapons, materials, and art for the totem poles which represents a family like if there 's a frog on top of the totem pole that 's signals that, that is the frog clan. As a matter of fact another example is the ocean, for hunting for food, blubber so it can keep them warm, whales hunting is absolutely dangerous to the crew on the
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