Inuit And Haida Similarities

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The Inuit and Haida The tribes Inuit and Haida are uniquely different groups of people.
They all do things different from each other ,but with some similarity . Life of these two tribes are successful for their group.

Workable tribes had to have go through desperate measures. Even in the old days challenges did come up. The Inuit have weather, animals, and food supplies to worry about to stay consistent. On the other hand, Haidas tribe kind of has it easy, such as a good wood source, fish/food, and on average weather. The Inuit live in the harsh weather in the arctic circle. Haida of here, however is in the area of British Columbia, Alaska, and Island Folk. The Haida do have have a few challenges that wouldn’t overpower you
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As an example, for the Haida a tool called a beak beater is used to either soften or shred cedar bark is used for weaving. A response from the Inuit is a harpoon. This weapon is used to hunt whale and fish with its spear like shape. Animal skin is often used for both the Inuit and Haida’s clothing. Caribou is a everyday apparel for the Inuit because of harsh /cold weather. To continue with that thought , the coldness brings up dog sleds and snowmobiles for the Inuits transportation. Haida has a little supply of transportation. In contrast, they have canoes and walking from place to place.

Haida and the Inuits universals are very small. Both tribes live near a source of water . Which leads to fish and seafood as their main food source.The Inuit aren’t the only ones who use caribou for the winter months or all year around like the Inuit. They both connect with animal spirits and make wood pieces or tonum poles to represent the spirits. From animal ones the Inuit and Haida make useful weapons for resources. As in, carving and hunting.

Life of these two tribes are similar and unique in all different parts of survival. Somethings work for the other tribe and but not for the other. As we go forward, the Inuit and Haida know what works for their tribe and what doesn 't to stay alive and
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