Inuit Short Story

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The Original story In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Inuit began organizing politically in response to assimilative policies and government restrictions on traditional lands. In order to lobby effectively for land claims, Aboriginal rights and self-government, a group of Inuit people formed Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (then known as Inuit Tapirisat of Canada) in 1971. The organization supports and advocates for the interests of all Inuit. Such interests represent an array of interconnected issues and challenges, including social, cultural, political, and environmental concerns. Story about Inuit legends A long time ago, there was a man and wife who had no children. One day, while the husband was away hunting, the woman went for a walk, and…show more content…
I am an Inuit. I am eight years old. My name means "good spirit". We speak Inukitut. I have a younger sister named Alasie. She is one year old. My grandma told me that Qalupalik will come take me and my sister away if we disobey them and wander too close to the shore of the sea. Qalupalik are humanoid with long wet hair, green skin, and long fingernails. They wear a amautit , in which they carry away babies and children. They take the children underwater, where they adopt them as their own. when Torngasak was eighteen My sister Alasie married a young hunter. In our community, girls usually get married when they reach puberty and men when they become a good hunter. In winter we live in an igloo, made out of blocks of snow put together into spiral shape. We light up the igloo at night with seal oil lamp called Kadluk. In summer, we live in a tent which is made out of animal skin. As a kid, I was taught that all objects and living things or beings have a spirit. Everything happens through the involvement of some spirit. We use to wear charms and amulets to protect us from the spirits. If the spirit is still bothering us than we could talk to Shaman. He has great spiritual powers and is best equipped to control the spirits. He also bless the hunt, treat sickness and provide advice in the time of
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