Inuit Way Of Life Essay

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There are people from Canada that live there still till today.There are relatives that still live in canada today.These are the first people in canada are inuit,iroquois,and haida,and there are many more.

How the Inuit,Haida,Iroquois are similar.All three groups live across canada.They all lived in canada.The men are responsible for hunting and fishing.They are the protectors of the family and the villages.The women take care of the kids.The female were symbols of fertility.The women stayed near the home.The men won’t let the women go anywhere else.They may be different in other ways.

The Inuit way of life. Inuits clothes is mostly made out of animal skin and fur. They do this because they live in the Arctic. Also they wore many layers of clothing as protection. The inuits have tools that are made out of stone and parts of animals like bone , ivory, antlers, teeth and horns, They use these tools to hunt for animals and to use these for other resources. The Inuits religion was that Inuits believed in animals that is all living and nonliving things had a spirit. They did this because there were certain guidelines that the Inuit were supposed to follow to make the spirits happy. This is the Inuit way of the way they live life.
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The Iroquois clothing is made of fur and hides and cornhusks, plant and tree fiber. They use these stuff because that is all the resources they can find. The Iroquois tools are stone axes, arrowheads, knives. They use those tools like stone axes to remove the fat from hides and arrowheads to hunt and spear animals and knives they use the same way as arrowheads. The Iroquois religions during the long winter night is that they huddle around log house fires and pass on stories of the past. They do this religion because each myth or legend had a purpose to explain an element of creation. This is the Iroquois was of
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