Inuits And Dene People Essay

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Did you know that the Inuits and Dene people live in under -30 degrees Fahrenheit? They both also started their tribes around 1000 BC. They also adapted to their environment in different ways and do many procedures that were crucial to their survival like hunting, fishing, and drying animal pelts. The Dene and Inuits are very similar in many ways. For example, they both live in the northern part of Canada. The Dene people lived in the bottom of the north, while the Inuits lived right above them in the middle part of Northern Canada. They both also made 1 story houses/huts that were specially designed to keep them warm. They had to do this for the reason that is if they didn’t they would freeze from the bitter cold. They both made many things the same. They lived in the northern part of Canada and made insulated houses, but they also did many things differently. You heard about how the Dene and Inuits were the similarities, however the Dene did procedures asymmetrically. They made diverse…show more content…
They made carvings about sea and land animals most of the time and even made artwork of hunters. The Inuits did this because they found those animals very important to them. They respected the animals and made many stories of how when they hunted an animal they sacrificed their lives so that the Inuits could survive. The Inuits additional communicated different languages then the Dene. They speak Algonquian and Mostassian for the reason that the Inuits never communicated with other tribes so they didn’t need to learn different languages than the ones they knew. So that is how the Inuits have different ways of life then the Dene. Now you know the similarities and differences of the two Canadian tribes. They both lived in Northern Canada. The Inuits carved land and sea animals while the Dene made bird carvings. If the Inuits and the Dene met each other what can you determine would happen and
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