Inuits 'Mi' Kmaq Similarities And Differences

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Do you know a lot about the Inuits and Mi’kmaq similarities and differences, then don’t read this, but if you don’t know squat then you better read on? Do you know what it’s like to endure what the Inuits and Mi’kmaq have been through, well I do. If you read this you’ll gain what I gained from reading my own paper.Now the three main parts of this essay is the Inuits and Mi’kmaq simulartries, differences, and some interesting facts about them. Here is the inside look on the Inuits and Mi’kmaq people.
Do the Inuits and Mi’kmaq have anything different? Of course they do, they have very many but, I’m limited so I have 5 differences between them. The first difference is both of their traditional housing. The inuits homes are huts in the
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The first similarity is their hunting and food. Well they both have the same food they eat like their fish, seals, and whales. Some weapons they used were knives and spears. The second similarity is the Inuits and Mi’kmaq people is the language they speak. They both speak Alguien, although the Inuits do have other official languages, that still is a similarity. The third similarity is the Inuits and Mi’kmaqs survival skills.They both had to make their weapons and shelters to meet survivals requirements. One last thing that ties in with survival is they had to hunt for food to survive. The fourth similarity of the Inuits and Mi’kmaq is the Myths and Legends they believe in. Although they do have different beliefs they do have them and both believe in them. I just counted this as a similarity because it is. The last similarity they have is their European Contact. You are probably wondering you already put that as a difference. Well it does count as a similarity because they both encountered…show more content…
For the first interesting fact is about the actually Myths and Legends. The Inuits Myth and Legend was about Nanuk the polar bear. The Mi’kmaq Legend and Myth is about a Rabbit named Ableeesumoocn. Another interesting fact about the Inuits and Mi’kmaq, is their languages. For the Mi’kmaq another language is English. The Inuits other language is called Inuktitut. The last interesting fact is that both of these tribes have nicknames. The Mi’kmaq nickname is a micmac. The Inuits nickname use to be Eskimo. Eskimo means eater of raw fish. Interesting facts huh, ya I thought

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