Inuyasha Heroes Journey

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Assignment: A Heroes Journey Movie: InuYasha Movie 2 the Castle beyond the Looking Glass Hero: InuYasha (In-u-Ya-sh-a) Stage 1: The Ordinary World In the movie “InuYasha Movie 2 the Castle beyond the Looking Glass,” InuYasha starts in a special world. One where defeating the villain Naraku (na-raw-qu), saving Kohaku (co-ha-qu), and finding the rest of the Shikon (she-con) Jewel shards is everything. InuYasha is a half-dog demon, meaning that he has 2 hearts, human and dog demon. Due to this, he loses his demonic powers on a moonless night. This is where the movie starts. InuYasha is located in an abandoned cabin, in the middle of a lake, while his friends Kagome (kaw-go-mee), Sango (song-oh), Shippō (ship-po), and Miroku (mere-oh-qu),…show more content…
He knows that Naraku is dead, yet he still smells Naraku’s scent. With that in the middle of an argument with Kagome, he runs off leaving her behind. When he got there, it was only Kagura (kaw-gur-raw) of the wind and Kanna (kan-na) of the mirror, Naraku’s reincarnations. Because he ran to them, it starts a battle between Kagura and himself. Not intending on a real fight Kagura only gets what she needs, cloth from the Robe of the Fire-Rat. InuYasha wears the robe of the Fire-Rat. Kagura and Kanna were just about to leave when a woman in the golden mirror, that Kanna was holding, appeared as soon as moonlight touched its surface. The woman was standing behind the outline of a glowing purple star. Her name was Kaguya (kaw-gu-ya), the ruler of eternal night and princess of the Heavens. It was at this time when Kagome finally caught up with InuYasha but doesn’t fight because InuYasha tells her to stay out of it. After InuYasha met Kaguya he states “I don’t like it, she’s dangerous.” At this, the ruler of eternal night laughs and says that she see InuYasha’s deepest desires and true self, where his human heart no longer exists making him the full-fledged demon he yearns to be. Although what she states is true it is what starts another fight. I believe that this is the call to action. In the 3 get away with one more of the items they need to get Kaguya out of the mirror of…show more content…
In doing so it enhances his overall power greatly. Naraku’s true form is a giant black spider with a smaller red spider mark on his back. Naraku is shown in many different shapes. This is because he is a shape shifter. In order to find out why he truly hated InuYasha and why InuYasha and his friends hated him so much I had to search the web. I used this website http:// This is why Naraku hates InuYasha so much. The main reason that Naraku sought to destroy Inuyasha, though he denied it at every turn, was because he was jealous of the love that Kikyō and Inuyasha had for one another. He wished to have Kikyō for himself, and thus saw Inuyasha as a meddler. Naraku was naturally, in all aspects, a foil to Inuyasha. Both of them were half-demons that sought to become full demons, but Inuyasha ultimately abandoned that goal when he found being a full demon to his dislike and possible detriment, because losing his human side meant losing his human feelings. In a contrast, Naraku welcomed losing his human feelings, and had always despised
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