Invasion Benjamin Percy Analysis

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Although gentrification has positive aspects on a society, the natives may be discriminated through the process of gentrification. Percy expresses his emotions towards gentrification using Bend, Oregon, USA, as an example in his narrative essay, Invasion. Throughout the essay, he paints he paints a picture of old Bend, his hometown, and describes the physical changes, process of gentrification, that took place during his absence. Meanwhile, he also expresses his unsatisfaction towards gentrification since the natives feels alienated and their personal values in parts of the town are neglected. Benjamin Percy expresses his forlornness towards gentrification taking place in his native community though his personal essay, Invasion. Throughout Percy’s essay, Invasion, Percy conveys the sense of forlornness towards gentrification as the natives’ personal memories in a place are neglected for the economical benefits in the process of gentrification. In the last paragraph, Percy paints an…show more content…
In the beginning of the essay the author uses first singular plural, like “our” and “we,” to tell his memories and how he lived in the old Bend to the audience and, also, to convey that the speaker was member of in the old Bend community. Through the speaker, he also emphasizes that the most of the natives were members of Bend community since they were the ones who founded the town. However, the author shifts from the first person plural to first person singular, like “I,” when the speaker comes back to the gentrified Bend. He conveys that he is no longer in the town community because of the massive physical changes that took place in the process of gentrification. Throughout the essay, Invasion, Percy expresses forlornness towards gentrification since it has brought massive physical changes, which makes the natives feel isolated in their
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