Invasive Plants

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1. Introduction
An invasive species is a plant which is not native to a specific place. These plants can spread rapidly which can cause environmental and economic damage, which is done when the invasive plants compete with native species for resources, which leads to an increase in the spread of the invasive plant. It can also start to destroy structures in its path. Invasive plants can be in the form of trees, shrubs, vines, grasses and flowers and they are difficult to control, however they can be controlled with the implementation of a biocontrol agent, which decreases the spread of the said species.
A biocontrol agent is the use of an organism to control the presence of another. These organisms can be in the form of insects or grazing animals, and although it can limit the negative effects of the invasive plant by controlling its growth and its negative impacts, such
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In biological control, there are two different types of invasions. The first of these is the unintentional invasion of a plant or animal species into a new area. The second type of invasion is the subsequent, and intentional, invasion of natural invasion introduced for the purpose of refining the negative effects of some previously invasive species that have become a threat to other species or to some characteristic of the invaded ecosystem. This article presents a theory of interactions, based on both union structures in a community and on population dynamics ,that brings together these two types of invasions and connects invasion biology and biological control. the connections between these two different types of invasion share a common population dynamic structure, and a common union structure. However, the impact on the ecosystem in which these invasions takes place is

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