An Essay About Invasive Species

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Invasive Species What should we do about invasive species? Should we humans take action or let nature take this case? There are two sides to this problem, but as humans we should consider what action to take afterall we started this problem. Invasive species have done harm to the environment by spreading and taking over the environment. They have caused endangered species at risk due to them. The threats of invasive species are that they carry diseases and are cable of changing ecosystems. In this essay I will argue that humans need to take action to solve this problem we created before its brings danger to our environment, ecosystem, and human health as the cause of killer bees. As you know invasive species have caused low food supply The armyworm is an example. “The fall armyworms eat corn. They also eat wheat, millet and rice. These are important food sources for the people of southern and eastern Africa. Many areas there already do not have enough food. Southern Africa has had times with too little rain to make crops grow.” (France-Presse 2017). This proves that the armyworm takes away African food supply which they can’t afford to loose. They do not have much of chance with the little rain that comes in every year as a result of dryspell El Nino. This makes it harder and challenging to stop immediately before it spends even…show more content…
The “Zebra mussel helps lakes”, and even the butterflies from California feed on the non-native plants. This evidence shows that not all invasive species do harm. So in certain cases they do help with nature’s habitats. It might seem that we should let nature take this cause except that in other cases if we let nature take this cause it could cause more harm. There are a lot out there and can take over the ecosystem and could affect us. It's important that we take care of the environment. We want a nice healthy plant not the

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