Inventing Elliot Literary Techniques

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The novel Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner is a story about a young boy named Elliot who is looking for a new beginning from his not so great past. To do this Elliot reinvents him self by becoming a guardian. By becoming a guardian Elliot feels that he has more control over himself and others which he hadn’t felt back at his old school. The novel informs the readers that life can be difficult, the writer shows this by using emotions and problems that happen in modern day life and putting that into the characters in the book which presents about the world we live in.

Cruelty is one of the most used words in this book that describe human behaviour. Inventing Elliot demonstrates cruelty multiple times in the novel, some examples are when Elliot’s Father has been …show more content…

The novel conveys that people can be liars/fake, this means that people often cover up there mistakes or lie about something by pretending to be someone they’re not to persuade people in to liking them or taking their side. In the novel the character which best decides this is Elliot, Elliot lies to his mum, to the guardians, and to teachers. Elliot lies to people in order to survive but then finds out that he has some strength in him after all, Elliot has to lie about not being a guardian and not knowing what a guardian is just to survive everything that he is going through.

Although the novel shows that people can be liars/fakes it also shows how people can build inner strength through their mistakes and use that strength to build confidence. Elliot finds his inner strength when he decides to tell the principal about the guardians. before he is about to do this he is rethinking about how his life was getting worst as he lied and knew that the only way to rebuild his confidence in surviving was to tell the truth about the guardians to the principal. In the end Elliot finds hope in himself by pushing through all the negativity and gains more trust in

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