Natural Disasters-Personal Narrative

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I yearned for some calamity in my life that was far from perfection. The masochistic side of me wanted something bad to happen to me. Essentially, my mind was overly curious about the events of the world and I was unable to satisfy that. I couldn 't know how disasters felt until I felt them, so I wanted to experience them. It was an unjustifiable craving. It was hard to explain why exactly I wanted it so bad. My first taste of disaster was when I was the ripe age of two years old. The balloon floated out of my grasp. I was two years old so that balloon was the best thing that had ever happened to me, considering that I had the attention span of a goldfish. My eyes were locked on the balloon. I wandered closer to the balloon and I heard a scream from my…show more content…
Such a strange guy," Sarah said with a small laugh. "Yeah," I said with a small grimace on my face. "Well, bye." I didn 't even bother to say goodbye to her. She scurried off in her white dress. Then, she entered. This girl had never entered the park before. If she had, I would have remembered her. She had a fancy designer bracelet on her right wrist. Her eyes were brown and wide and her skin was lightly tanned. Her smile was wider than any other smile I 've ever seen. She was hot, I wasn 't going to lie. She made her way over to me and I wasn 't sure what exactly I should do. Should I hide? She was looking straight at me so she 'd probably find it weird if I hid from her. "Hi." Well, that was a boring introduction. I expected her to say something a bit more exciting, but I guess I only have myself to blame for expecting too much from people. "Hey, I 'm Lee," I said. "Titania," she said. "It 's nice to meet you." "The pleasure is all mine," I said. "What 's a girl like you doing here?" "A girl like me?" Titania said. "What 's that supposed to mean?" "The bracelet on your right wrist is worth more than my entire existence," I said with a small

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