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The 1920s were an important era of automobiles. Before the invention of cars, many people traveled by foot or by horse. A German invented the first automobile, an idea which soon made its way to the United States. Before the 1900s, automobiles were built with three wheels and could hold a maximum of two people. There were no windows and if you’re lucky, you may have a shaded cover. As time passed by, more and more cars gained different technology. New technology has improved the production of automobiles and increased the numbers of customers. Before cars were invented, riding a horse or walking from point A to point B were the most common modes of transportation. Everything was spread out and it was time consuming to travel. When more time…show more content…
As a matter of fact, a “German inventor Karl Benz built the first car powered by an internal-combustion engine.” Benz first introduced this idea, which he called the motorwagon, in the 1880s. The motorwagon’s engine was placed at the back of the automobiles. The first motor could not be turned on automatically. It required a person to help start the motor. One of the major parts of the first motor was the horizontal wheel under the engine. To be able to move the car, Benz’s engine required a person at the back of the vehicle to turn the wheel and push the car. Once the wheel was turning fast enough the engine would start. Because Benz’s invention was so successful, many people around the world wanted to have the experience of owning one of the world 's first automobiles. Benz’s designs impacted many people around the world. Traveling from one place to another was becoming easier and took less time. A few years later, Karl Benz wanted to design a way to control the front wheels. The axle pivot steering system is a system to control the direction of the movement of a vehicle. This improvement was soon installed in the automobiles for a better ability to steer a car. On April 4, 1929 Karl Benz passed away at the age of eighty four. Because Benz was a successful inventor, two major companies Benton Company and Daimler Motor Company were founded. Mercedes Benz was named after Karl Benz as one of the top brands still

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