Invention Of Communication Essay

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Superlative to the olden times, the primitive history of humanity comprises the invention of writing, approximately 5500 years ago somewhere between the Middle Paleolithic to the very beginning of the Bronze age. This invention enabled us for the first time to see our thoughts before us and lead us to the first revolution in the history of human communication – invention of hieroglyphs. Those hieroglyph were amended into symbols and syllabary gradually. Many of our letters have a long pictorial memoirs. For instance, letter A. It wasn't really invented but more evolved. With the graphemic typefaces, started the second revolution in the history of human communication – invention of the printing press and papers. These innovations changed the functionality of our brain and we split it into the left part that is used now to reading and thinking and the right part is still involved in pictures and feelings. This split brain creates an enormous experiment in humanity one of which lead us to the third revolution in the history of human communication -invention of computer mediated communications. It actually started bartering face-to-face emotional…show more content…
First of all it stimulates to read a text. Secondly, it enhances legibility, and finally, determines the direction and speed of reading. When it comes to communication, researches affirm that, only 7% of effective communication is verbal, 38% is vocal and 55% is nonverbal. This means when we're texting, 93% of our communicative skills are negated. Moreover, variety of form and manifold meanings of our scripts allow them to be easily misunderstood. This myriad miens of written scripts has created a dilemma that could literally make or break our ability to communicate effectively in the 21st century, propagated by internet and computer mediated communications. However, figuring that pictures are worth a thousand words, we have already move about from 2D to 3D fonts – from Arial to
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